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Consulting Forestry Services

Timber Sales and Appraisals, Reforestation, Management Plans, etc.

We provide a range of forest management services for landowners, designed to improve the profitability of their timberland, reduce their risk and make their property as productive and secure as it can be.

Landowners usually think of using our services when they plan to sell timber. This is understandable when independent studies show that landowners who use a reputable consultant often receive 20- 40% more money for their timber than landowners who sell their own timber. Our services will improve your bottom line and that is the primary reason to use the service of any professional.

In selling timber, we always represent the landowner as their agent and work to maximize their profits by utilizing our knowledge and experience. We do not buy timber and then re-sell it. We view this as a direct conflict of interest and suggest that landowners should avoid anyone who represents themselves as both a buyer and seller of timber.

Other forest management services we offer include timber inventories, damage appraisals, management plans, growth studies, volume and yield projections, boundary line maintenance, wildlife management advice, annual inspections, reforestation, mapping, management of hunting leases, etc. The average landowner won’t need every one of these services or even need professional assistance every year. Indeed, with timberland management, there are long periods of time where a landowner can do nothing but wait on his trees to grow. However, when a landowner needs one of these services, he needs to know that the company he selects has the experience to provide the professional service he needs now and the assurance that his consultant will be around the next time he needs them.

We look forward to working with you in the management of your timberland. Please give us a call if you need assistance now or want to begin planning for the next management activity in a few years.
No obligation inspections.

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